Feminism Just Got Special!

“Girls, go without a bra, it’s your own body!”;

“Ladies, you must not carry your husband’s surname, have your own identity.”;

“Ahh, come on! Be you, you don’t have to adorn a saree with these many bangles.”;

“Wear shorts, Girl, why did you put up these behenji kurtas.”

…….Well, these statements are something that these days, we females are constantly being bombarded with, under the blanket of a term called “Feminism”. Feminism, all of a sudden, has become more of a fetish than sheer passion. The fetish, is eventually making us leave our cognitive capacity behind and follow a particular herd like a sheep.

Okay, let’s deduce it. When we command a woman to take “ghoonghat” (veil), & similarly, when we enforce them to remove it, it becomes “either” and “or”.  Okay, another example, “Kareena epitomised pregnancy glam walking for LFW’s #GrandFinale yesterday!; “Comfortable Doing Nude Scenes, It’s Liberating”: Actor Radhika Apte. While it’s really very enticing to read these headlines, the concerns are the words that are in BOLD. 

Why such concluding extremes? Are we being hypocritical when we claim that women are breaking all the stereotypes? Apart from doing nude scenes, going unshaved, dressing in shorts or working in corporate, what else is liberating? Have we ever thought of it? By choosing between “either” & “or”, are we not treading the same path again?

After all, Feminism is not about choosing between “this” or “that”. It is about the empowerment of letting us make our own choices, right?

Feminism, off late, has been misconstrued as women emancipation. In fact, the dictionary synonym of Feminism has strangely coined it as “radicalism”, which in no way is something that we look upto. So, if religious radicalism is dangerous, so is gender radicalism-Feminism or masculinise-ism. By the way, does the word masculinise-ism exist? That is where the fallacy lies. The moment we categorize something, it become we vs. them. Needless to say, the boundary or the wall that Feminism has created in due course of time is a very reactive one, which does not have any positive connotation.

Way back, when Simone De Beauvoir, Virginia Woolf et al had facilitated the germination of the word, Feminism, all they wanted us, is to adapt to it pro-actively. They wanted us to fathom the subject with such gravity, that we get empowered to question and get replies when women would be gauged as a “Second Sex”. Unfortunately, all these years, Feminism has gone under so many envelopes that we have remained “Second Sex”, till date. It would not be an exaggeration, if I say that Feminism, as a word if not unfolded properly, would lead us to a stage where women will be seen as Martians, Ha Ha!.

No, don’t go too far. Just the recently held Rio Olympics 2016 and the honours bestowed on us Indians, speak volumes. It was a great show for us because not only we won 2 medals but also, our gymnast Dipa, performed terrifically. However, we as Indians projected our lady sports-persons in such a way that for a nation where ladies are being oppressed, these 2 medals are a feat to be cherished.

Is their being ladies the only virtue? Did we laud their talents equally by just considering them as another sportsperson? Atleast the facebook status updates and what’s app messages in this regard don’t say so. Moreover, we never talked about the other ladies who without any prejudices fought for getting through Rio Olympics. Albeit a News Daily which attempts doing journalism of courage tried putting them forth, but alas! our deep-rooted insights are so blurred that we cannot read, comprehend & think beyond a certain extent. At the hindsight, Olympics for these girls were a gateway to their freedom and it has nothing to do with Feminism.

So women, let us not blind-fold ourselves by the new religion called Feminism. We all have a faculty of judgement to understand that Feminism should not become a route for us to seek equality. Equality is not a rank that can be bestowed by giving us quota in parliament or railways. Equality is something which prevails naturally with all its chivalries. Let this Feminism not be a diktat of our own worth and value.


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  1. shwetaspree says:

    Thanks for writing this girlie! For the first time I found someone who thinks the same as me. I almost got sick of girls vs boys posts on Facebook after India got medal in Rio. It’s great that girls are doing good in sports but making it girls vs boys. It’s ridiculous. The whole idea of feminism seems to have gone on a new level nowadays. Sometimes I am amused when I see feminist posts on FB.. “I don’t make phulke , I am a feminist”, “I do not stay at home, I am a feminist”. Come on you can still be a feminist if you make phulke and decide to stay at home and raise your kids. Take some pride. You do not have to be single all your life because you are feminist. You can be happily married and be a feminist at the same time. It is about the choices you make in your lives. It is not about being equal to or superior to menfolk. You are what you are. It is not men vs women. It is about how do you chose to define yourself and your role in the society. Of course society needs to recognize your role. I do not understand what do you want to be liberated from? Womanhood? Breaking stereotypes is not feminism but just “Breaking stereotypes”. Hmm.. Long comment.. Sorry can’t help.. Wanted to write more but restrained myself. :p. Loved your post. Keep blogging.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. sumanakhan says:

      this coming from you means a lot mam…thanks a ton…

      Liked by 1 person

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