If love is unable to give you multiple orgasms, look for lust but not hatred please!

Another day to remember forever! Certainly! In the backdrop of India’s much strategic surgical attack in the LoC, the entire nation including me is ecstatic. It was undoubtedly a stupendous move. However, while some people are ecstatic because we came out victorious, some are enjoying the howling and the tears of the widows, the father-less sons and the child-less mothers, who lost their beloveds’ disgusting lives during the attacks. Yes, disgusting because they were terrorists and pakis, and way above any mercy, agreed! But would we all not make our backyards stench by saying “kahin se burqha faad ke rone ki awaaz aa rahi hai…dil ko sukoon mil raha hai” (I can hear the howlings from underneath the torn viels…I am relieved now). There are myriads such messages taking rounds in social media now. The point I want to make is, it’s far more than beautiful to celebrate your country’s victory and please let’s just do that; but let us not stoop so low that the reason of the celebration loses its gravity. I always believe that proving others wrong wouldn’t prove me right and vice versa. The same applies here. We, with the recent attacks, have proved ourselves right and upright, and this is it. Humanity is way above any religion, politics or terrorism. Statements like these are disturbing to the existence of human being. If love is unable to give you multiple orgasms, look for lust but not hatred please.


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